Exploring Cebu and Bohol (Part 2)

In case you missed the Part 1, here’s the link Cebu-Bohol Part I

So after exploring the beauty of Cebu let’s head to another breath-taking destination, Bohol, Philippines.


How to get there from Cebu City: From Cebu City, take a cab going to Cebu Pier (you should know which terminal you will be departing to Bohol) Prior to that, buy a RoRo Ship ticket going to Bohol from Cebu. You can get them at 2GO Supercat or Oceanjet, they have booths in the Pier so you can get a ticket on the same day or they have offices in Manila so you can get them in advance. The ticket costs about 1000-1400PHP/$20-30 roundtrip.


What to do in Bohol?

  • Countryside Day Tour

DIY touring in Bohol is not as easy as you think. Sure there are tricycles around, but damn their prices are so touristy. So, no thanks. There are still two options though, it’s either you rent a motorcycle for a whole day or you rent a car/van with a driver for a maximum of 8 hours day tour. We took the latter, since we’re 3 and it’s the most convenient for us. I’m not sure how much it would cost to rent a motorcycle but if you rent a car (5 seater) it’s 2000PHP/$43, for a van it would cost you 2500PHP/$53. Entrance fees and Loboc River Cruise buffet lunch are not included. Not bad right?

Day Tour Package Inclusions:

– Chocolate Hills
– Tarsier Conservation Area
– Loboc River Cruise
– Bilar Man Made Forest
– Butterfly Habitat
– Python Sanctuary
– Baclayon Church & Museum
– Dauis Church (view damage)
– Blood Compact Marker
– Shop for Souvenirs/Goodies







  • Bohol Bee Farm

This one is my personal favorite. You can’t just leave Bohol without going here. You. Just. Can’t. The view is super amazing and you get to eat lunch while admiring it! The food is superb and they’ve got unique variation of ice cream.



17125272_120300002444271820_86234654_nThese bread and spreads were free, and it’s so freaking good!



  • Island Hopping (Balicasag and Virgin Island Tour)

We availed a package Island Hopping Tour that costs 1500PHP/$32, exclusive of snorkeling gear so we had to pay for extra $.

We were supposed to find and watch Dolphins but unfortunately it’s been windy and the waves are angry so they didn’t show up. But luckily, we had the chance to snorkel through Balicasag Island and play with the fishes. After that, we headed to the Virgin Island that took my breath away. It’s so amazingly beautiful I didn’t want to go. I liked it better than Sumilon Island, I must say.





Where we stayed: It’s place called Natura Vista located in Panglaowhich has some serious nature design going on and I felt like I’m in a castaway scene. It’s a bit far from the Alona beach though. So it’s less convenient, but we chose this one because it looks really amazing and we loved our stay here.





Last Stop: CEBU CITY

Queen City of the South, as what Cebu is known for. You can probably do a city tour in a whole day or a half. You can go around uber/grab. It’s cheap. But to be honest, I’m not really a fan of this City. Why? Because Cebu City makes you feel like you’re in Manila. But there are still a lot of tourist destination that are worth visiting for. And of course, the foods.

17101331_120300002445172832_307380715_oTemple of Leah

17141233_120300002461408123_1873504355_nTaoist Temple

17141245_120300002439538941_1030709205_nMagellan’s Cross

17141435_120300002456398624_502036917_nBasilica del Santo Niño

Where to buy souvenirs/goodies?

If you go around the sides of Basilica del Santo Niño, you’ll see a lot of souvenir vendors. But my all time favorite place of buying pasalubong is Tabo-an Market. Why? All that I want, rather what my Mama want is there. Just be ready with your haggling skills, you can save a lot more.

The most famous delicacies from Cebu are Dried Mango, Mango/Mangorind candies, Shamrock Otap, Dried Pusit, Danggit, Chicharon and of course, Lechon Cebu. 


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