Exploring Cebu and Bohol (Part 1)

Hey guys! So enough with introduction. Guess where I am taking you? In Cebu and Bohol! So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Cebu is probably one the most famous destination in the Philippines if you’re in Manila because of its accessibility, beautiful destinations and not to mention the crazy seat sales! And of course, while you’re there would you rather miss seeing the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol when you’re only a few hours away? There’s only one answer. No.

I’ve been in Cebu twice and both times in my birth month and I will be there again this March. I scored a $20 round trip ticket from Manila-Cebu-Manila on my first trip and I was over the moon!

So here are the things to do and places to visit based on my experience. So here we go…

First stop: MOALBOAL, CEBU (August 2015)

Moalboal is an underrated town located in a Sothern part of Cebu and best known of its snorkeling sites and I can attest to that!

11866304_10204651147551054_2880298020639384082_n(Basdaku Beach)

How to get there from Cebu City: From Mactan Airport, ride a taxi/uber to Cebu South Bus Terminal (200PHP/$5), it’ll probably take you less than 40 minutes. Then ride a Ceres Bus bound for Moalboal via Bato Barili for 120PHP/$2.5, it will take you 3-4 hours to get there.

What to do in Moalboal?

  • Snorkeling in Pescador Island and Encounter a Sardines Run in Panagsama

We rented a boat here for 1500PHP/$32 for the whole activity, snorkeling gear already included and the kuyas will already take you to the snorkeling sites and where the location of the Sardines are from Basdaku Beach. We went here August so the water is not a bit clear due to the gloomy weather. Contact: (Kuya Dodong – +63923 937 6699)



11034229_1201437186549676_7241133509036305342_nPuffy Fish! (p.s. we let him go 😀 )


  • Trek to Osmena Peak

This is one of the highest peak in Southern Cebu and a must do if you’re in the Southern part of Cebu. We took the route from Moalboal to Car Car then rode a bus going to Dalaguete then hired a habal habal to take us to the entry point. Our experience here wasn’t really good because it was raining so there was no view but the fog. Haha. Will definitely comeback soon.

11900070_10204651119030341_5252475375672325047_nI’ll only show the entry point since there’s no other clear photo of us 😀

  • Canyoning or Canyoneering in Badian

From Moalboal, you can hire a habal habal/motorcycle to take you directly to the Kawasan Falls. Buses also go from Moalboal to Badian which we took. We got off to a certain location to meet our tourguide and walk for 10 minutes to reach their place. Then we ride a habal habal and walk for a bit on the trail from the starting point and tadah! the first cliff jump would appear. And of course we did not do it. It’s freaking high! There were 2 more cliff jumping which we did because it’s required, the other one is like 20ft high. I was kinda proud of myself when I jumped off on that cliff. Haha. So anyway, we started at like past 1pm and finished off at past 6pm. It was truly a buwis buhay activity and to think that I almost died in this experience. We were exhausted but it was all worth it.




Next stop: OSLOB, CEBU (August 2016)

What is this town most famous for? Every Filipino should know, It’s none other than the Whale Sharks!

How to get there from Cebu City: From Mactan Airport, ride a taxi/uber to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Then ride a Ceres Bus bound for Oslob for 160PHP, it will take atleast 4 hours to get there.

What to do in Oslob?

  • Villa Modern Deluxe / Tan-awan Cangcuay Beach Resort

I saw this resort in the Internet and it seems like a good place to chill so we visited it. It’s a 10 minutes tricycle ride from where we stayed and the entrance fee for a day tour is 100PHP/$2.5 including cottage. This is a pretty nice resort with an amazing view.


  • Whale Shark Watching

How did the whale shark ended up staying in Oslob, you ask? As per the locals, it’s because they’re getting fed. It’s probably the famous destination in the whole Cebu in domestic and international. The inclusive fee is 500PHP/$10 for Filipinos and 1000-1500PHP/$20-30 for Foreigners.

Though I kind of regretted doing this because I’ve read online that the interaction with humans are causing them stress. 😦

So if you’re gonna go Whale Shark Watching in Oslob, don’t be a selfish human being and follow the guidelines. Some of them are you can’t apply sunscreens as it’s harmful to them and you can’t touch them and make sure to keep distance when they get near you.

17148933_120300002446036743_1982204553_oThis is the only decent photo we got because the kuya there pressed the stop button of my action cam assuming that he had started it. Oh well, shit happens.


  • Sumilon Island

Famous of its sandbar. 20-30 mins boat ride from the Coast of Oslob. I suggest you head here very early as the tide goes up and the sandbar disappears. The boat cost us 300PHP/$6.5 per head, the amount is cheaper when you join a group compared to when you rent a whole boat.

selection_012On our way to Sumilon Island


Where we stayed in Oslob: It’s probably one of the nicest but cheap place I’ve stayed and I’m so happy about it. It’s called Chateau de Tan-awan, it’s a private house where you can rent a room. It’s in the highway so you can easily distinguish it when you’re in the bus. The owner is a Scottish decent, found himself a Filipina wife and stayed in Oslob for good. We sat and told stories about life, experiences and travels. He also gave me a present because it was my birthday that day! What a nice guy! The ate’s/staff were very accommodating as well.  Here are some of the pictures of their place:

This is their cat, Rex, who is already 13 years old. :3


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