New Blog!

Hola! It’s 2017, and you’re probably wondering why I’m starting a blog when there’s already a million lots and no one will probably read what I’m going to post here. The truth is I don’t care and to answer that question, I’m just sitting in my room in this very lazy Sunday afternoon, thinking and browsing pictures about my previous and upcoming trips and wondering what to do with those thousand of pictures and thought why not write about it?

So my name is Cla, I’m 23, an IT professional. I graduated uni at the age of 19.. At 2014, I started going places, which I wasn’t able to do when I was a student because I’ve got no money for that. My goal is to travel, earn, live as much as I can.

I haven’t been to many places but that’s the goal. Though I can’t still go out whenever I want to because “ADULT DUTIES”.  But one thing is for sure. I’m on my way 🙂


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